Hallelujah Highway

Celebrating the Journey



I am just your average ordinary crazy woman who works over full time while also being a full time wife and mother. I joyfully taught high school English for 15 years, but have spent the last three years out of the classroom working on curriculum, instruction, and assessments. Meanwhile, I am still trying to decide what I what to be when I grow up. I have been married for 18 years to a wonderful man who is the complete opposite of me, but loyally together we are trying to raise two godly, strong women who are currently 10 and 15. I bring to this journey collaboration and relationship building. My gift is getting others to work well together. I even try to make drudgery positive and rewarding. I believe in God,  family,  glitter, friends, chocolate, humor,  love, glitter,  and forgiveness– probably in that exact order (and yep, glitter is listed purposely twice).  I stand up loudly and steadfastly for others, although often struggle to stand up for myself. I pray that what I have to share brings some insight or perspective as well. Join us, but buckle up and hold on for life is bumpy and I have a lead foot!

2 responses to “Rae

  1. You must have been an amazing classroom instructor – I’m a substitute teacher and it can be very rewarding or quite the opposite. I also was on the curriculum end for 11 years. I was the Art Director for Prentice Hall Educational Publishing, High School Division. It’s kind of funny – that many of my very old books are still in schools where I sub.
    Have a great weekend and lovely blog 🙂


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