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I am a 33-year old, working, single mother of a young girl who is vibrant, full of energy, asks many questions, and keeps me on my toes with all of her activities.  In my twenties, I worked hard to build an impressive catalogue of degrees, certificates, and accomplishments to prove to myself (and the world) that “I could do it on my own.”   I have been a teacher of all sorts for most of my life, but I started teaching in the public school system 10-years ago.  Since then, I have added a career as an online instructor for a for-profit university.  I have taught yoga for over 10 years and went to massage and healing arts school.  After over-extending myself and being extremely exhausted, I have tried not to let my careers and accomplishments define my identity.  Now, my intention is to find balance in life by working less and being more.

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One response to “Kristi

  1. Very candid ‘About’ – I love the line ‘do less be more’ I’m going to say that to myself if you don’t mind. I’m currently a substitute teacher, I also give children’s art lessons – anything where your help out the young is always very rewarding. But, we must take care of ourselves too, something I think many moms need reminding of… 🙂


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