Hallelujah Highway

Celebrating the Journey

She is not Mine ~ Rae

on August 27, 2014

she is not mine


When she grew inside me

I whispered to her

The great plans I had

And how I would always keep her near


When they placed her on my chest

I clutched her close

And swore to always

Protect her and guide her


When she toddled by my side

I held onto her hands

To support her and steer her

To exactly where I wanted


When I watched her walk down long halls

With a backpack much too big

And then sit at her first desk

I admit I cried a bit


When she ran off to middle school

And began to think about boys

I bit my tongue

And tried to listen more than talk


And now as I watch her reach for the steering wheel

I wonder where the future will take her

And what path she will take

How I wish I could pick it for her


But she is not mine alone anymore

She is becoming her own

And while that is a beautiful thing

My empty arms ache


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