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Better than “Good” Friday ~Rae

on April 18, 2014


“Good” doesn’t really seem to cover it does it?

We say “Good Morning” every day. The word good is used too commonly to accurately express what today really represents.

The day that changed the universe is not merely “good”.

Think about what God did 2000 years ago: Would you? Could you?

I know I would die for my child. I would hope all parents would. As an educator I am even willing to die for your child. In a heartbeat I would be willing to sacrifice myself for others.

But could I sacrifice my child for someone else? Gulp. Would I let my child die if I knew that her death would save many others? Double Gulp.

Nope, I couldn’t. You couldn’t. We are not wired that way. My child is, well, MINE. A huge part of my purpose on this planet is to make sure both my daughters are safe.

That is what makes this more than just a “Good” Friday. That doesn’t even come close to covering the magnitude of this day. It is better than good; it is better than best (all the English teachers of the world just shuddered at my improper use of comparative adjectives – sorry my brethren).

This really should be called “Perfect Friday”, because God made the ultimate sacrifice: His adored son for me, His only child for you. God allowed His child to pay the ransom for all: Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, or Jews; straight, gay, or celibate; the believer, the atheist, the young, the old, the persecuted and the persecutor. “For God so loved the world”- the WHOLE world- the perfect sacrifice was given freely because of His perfect love.

Happy Perfect Friday!


One response to “Better than “Good” Friday ~Rae

  1. It’s nice to be reminded of powerful love and sacrifice…
    Enjoy the Easter holiday 🙂


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