Hallelujah Highway

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In the Weeds~ Kristi

on September 18, 2013


My best friend, who was a waitress all through college, taught me the saying “in the weeds.”  Servers use that expression when they are overwhelmed, falling behind, and serving too many people at one time.

Rae and I are in the weeds right now.  Rae’s doing the job of three people and I just took a new teaching assignment.   We are blessed, but we are scrambling to get caught up.

Today, I want to share with you the morsels my soul is chewing on because sharing is caring.

1.)    Daring Greatly by Dr. Brene Brown: This powerfully transformative book has been revolutionary for me personally and professionally.  It has encouraged me to be vulnerable by acknowledging the grip unconscious shame has on me.  It has framed some of the classroom discussions I have had with my honors students about success and the shame of failure, which lead to a student asking these profound questions:

Student #1: Tell me a time when you felt the most vulnerable.  When did you feel like you were going to fail? How did this moment help you and what did you learn?

Student #2: If you achieved your life’s purpose at 22- years-old, what are you doing now?

If you do not have the time or energy to commit to reading this book, she has an amazing TED talks on shame and the power of vulnerability.

(I went to pull my sheets out of the washer and wondered what was so heavy in the pocket of the fitted sheet.  It was Daring Greatly.  I have decided to frame this travesty as symbolism that I am washing myself of shame.)

2.)    Oprah’s Lifeclass on OWN with Bishop TD Jakes stated, “1 in 3 kids are raised in America without fathers.”  I am raising one and I teach them.  Fathers play such a vital role in the home and their absence is devastating.  It hurts the absent dads because they know they have failed their son(s) or daughter(s); the single moms who struggle to fill the hole in the soul the size of the absent dad; and the kids who internalize the absence and make it their fault.  When I close my eyes, I feel my daughter’s heart bleeding… and my students… and the kids around the country.  All these babies carrying wounds of the heart that forever changes them.  This makes me fall to my knees and pray for one big, ol’ miracle.  We, as a nation, have to change this epidemic.

3.)    Momastery is a blog I have written about on Hallelujah Highway.  One of Glennon’s posts recently gave me a new insight on three levels of people.  It is well worth the read!  Additionally, she posted on the Momastery Facebook page this picture of a post-it note her husband wrote a week or two ago.   It still haunts me because I could do better…


4.)    Lastly, this YouTube video.  Full circle moment of giving.  Breathtakingly beautiful!


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