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39 and Feeling Fine ~ Rae

on August 7, 2013


I turn 39 this month. It’s incredible to be facing the last year of my 30’s. At the same time I can’t help but wonder where the heck has the time gone. In my head I still think I am 25, but my body begs to differ.

As I fully enter and strive to embrace the dreaded “middle ages”,  I find myself reflecting on all the things I have learned, earned, and yearned for:

  • Getting old sucks – Even just getting out of bed in the morning causes aches and pains. Can someone please tell me why my ankles hurt first thing in the morning???
  • Having children makes time RACE by- One minute my baby was learning to walk and now she is learning to drive. I am afraid of blinking.
  • Friendships change – I previously thought I needed a huge group of friends. Now I find I only require those who really give and receive friendship equally.
  • Love evolves – When I was younger I craved passionate chaos. Now I rejoice in loving comfort, stability, and support.
  • Needs differ – Before my 30’s boredom drove me nuts. Now I wish I had more moments of quiet and tranquility.
  • My definition of beauty has altered – Where before I concentrated on the external and surface of beauty, I now realize that true beauty is revealed in actions not appearance.
  • Faith develops – As I age I learn more and more about the wonderful God who created me and I endeavor to fulfill His plan for my life.
  • Mortality is a reality – As a child I felt invincible and that death was inconceivable. Sadly, now that some of my peers have passed on and even some acquaintances younger than I have died tragically, I face the certainty that I am not promised forever on this earth.

I have been blessed in my 38 years even through my trials. I just pray that as I reach torward 40 and (God willing) beyond, I try to make my life matter and that my actions leave a positive mark on this world.

Also, I pray I do not turn into one of those bitter old women who hate life. Instead I would like to be the crazy old lady who wears ridiculous outfits and mutters outlandish remarks that make everyone around me chuckle.

2 responses to “39 and Feeling Fine ~ Rae

  1. Happy Birthday fellow Leo! I turn 59 on August 19th, and I can tell you from this side of the mountain, that you will grow into yourself in surprising ways in the years to come. You are already awake and aware and that will only become more so. Enjoying your blog! From a crazy old lady who does wear ridiculous outfits and makes outlandish remarks, hoping those around me chuckle.


  2. Rae says:

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words! Happy birthday to you as well – from one crazy lady to another. 🙂


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