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Little Eyes Were Watching~ Kristi

on June 19, 2013

Little Eyes

My daughter’s father has left much to be desired in the fatherhood department.  Sad, but reality…

One particularly lonely morning for my daughter on our morning drive to school, I asked her what she was looking for in her step-dad.  Sullenly, she looked out the window and said, “I dunno…”  Yet, the wheels started churning in her head.  A few days later on another morning drive, she started rambling off all the things she is looking for in a step-dad.

-“He is kind.

-He loves me.

-He has a good job.  (Preferably one that requires a suit)

-He loves to play with her.

-He treats me well.

-He is funny.”

The list continued on and on and on in descriptive detail.  Finally, she said, “I want him to be like Shea and Mark.”

Shea and Mark are the husbands of two women I know.  They are engaged fathers.

For example, they are the dads playing with their kids at the park.  They are the ones out shooting basketball hoops with the kids on the cul-de-sac so the mommies have a few minutes to sit at the table and chit chat.  They are the 6’5 dads crammed, knees-to-the-chest into the little kid rides at the local fair so the kids all have the adult supervision required to ride.  Or, they are the dads in the pool tossing the kids into the air time and time again just to hear the kids squeal in delight.  They are the dads down on the floor wrestling with the kids, including mine, because every kid loves to “get roughed up” a bit.

Last Sunday was Father’s Day.  While we obligatorily wished her father a “Happy Father’s Day,” I prayed and blessed these two men for being the shining examples of how real dads do fatherhood.  My daughter’s little eyes have been watching and her frame of reference for what a father is not the man who leaves much to be desired.  Instead, she is looking for a step-dad like these two good, kind-hearted, family-centered men and the several other men who have stepped up and filled the hole in her life the size of her dad.

Men like:

Fun Uncle, who sits and teaches her origami, talks about their “ninja skills,” and plays her DS to advance in her game’s levels;

Uncle David, who is always there for a giant hug, to help put together complicated Lego sets, and to sit on while watching morning cartoons;

Ty, who ran behind her bike and taught her to ride a two-wheeler while I was at work, snuck her off to go buy matching cleats for her soccer uniform, and mails her gift cards to Toys-R-Us to show her he cares;

Tommy, who she calls him “her friend” because he listens to her long winded and laughs and giggles with her;

While her step-dad hasn’t arrived yet, I am beyond grateful that my daughter has had men like this in her life to be role models and father figures.  Today, I honor and whole-heartedly thank all the men who have taken my child (and all the kids in need of a strong man) under their protective wings.  Their kindness and caring has a tremendous ripple effect.

A belated “Happy Father’s Day” to all the beyond amazing men who take on the responsibility of fathering the next generation!

3 responses to “Little Eyes Were Watching~ Kristi

  1. Jill says:

    OMGosh – sniffling while trying to hold in the ugly cry! Well done to all the wonderful men and to the writer who could put this into words. XO


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