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The Other Woman ~ Rae

on May 29, 2013

other woman

Our eyes meet.

I would like to look away, but I don’t want to appear weak.

So I stare and she stares back…

Is that a smile or a smirk on her face?

I wonder what the world sees when they look at her

beauty, intelligence, smugness, pride, bitterness, grief?

I wish I was as confident as she appears

but who really knows- we all wear masks …

Is she content or sorrowful with the way her life has turned out?

Does she regret the past or see it as necessary for her growth?

Does she have many layers with a delicate balance between good and evil

or is she flat and one sided?

We blink almost in unison.

Neither one of us is willing to admit defeat and look away first.

Is that pain or triumph revealed on her face?

Is the set of her shoulders strong or limp?

She seems to have it all together

at least on the outside.

We both sigh at the same time and finally look away.

I turn from the mirror and go to face the world.

2 responses to “The Other Woman ~ Rae

  1. jaynefranks says:

    Excellent. It can feel like a battle of whitts sometimes. It is just how you describe.


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