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5 Things My Mother Taught Me ~ Rae

on May 10, 2013


1. The “Find It” Gene- As a child I was amazed at how Mom could find everything the rest of the family couldn’t. Now as a mother myself I seem to be the only one in my own family with this gift. I am sorry Mom for all the times I made you look for things.

2. Eat it or starve – Mom NEVER let us kids get away with being picky.  We were taught to be grateful for the food in front of us and to say “thank you” even for brussel sprouts. I now practice the exact same lessons with my daughters. The wrath of God would come down on them if they were anything but appreciative of the food given to them at friends’ houses. I believe the art of polite behavior has been lost by many people. (Although now for her grandkids, my mom will make 5 separate meals!!! So not fair! Oh and I now like brussel sprouts- ironic…)

3. The drama doesn’t matter– I remember how in grade school the mean girl behavior would break my heart and now I watch it in my own daughters’ lives. But I tell them the same things my mother told me:

  “No one can make you feel bad about yourself when you KNOW what you stand for and believe in”


     “Always stand up for the bullied, because at some point in our lives we all find ourselves being the underdog.”

  4. Say sorry and mean it- Pride is a damaging trait. My mom is the most humble, kind, forgiving woman I know. She means what she says and always follows through. She is also quick to forgive and forget.

5. Be the type of individual you want your children to grow up to be- She never said this- she lived it. Many people might resent becoming like their mothers, but not me. The more I can be like her the better. She is a God-fearing, loving wife, mother, grandmother, and friend who would pick you up from your darkest hour and help you back on to your feet. She gives, and gives, and gives.

The quality I love most about my mother is maintains the perfect balance of Feminine and Feminist. She raised herself, lived on her own since she was 14. She paid her way through private Catholic high school and X-ray technical college. She fully KNOWS she is capable of supporting herself and being independent. Yet she is also the most loving wife and mother. She cares for my father without hesitation or resentment. She embodies everything being a woman means.

MOM: strong- capable- soft-loving-demanding-forgiving-learning-teaching-listening-speaking 

Thank you to all the Mothers everywhere.


2 responses to “5 Things My Mother Taught Me ~ Rae

  1. Kanerva says:

    Where would we be without our mums 🙂


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