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Jill, My Ghostwriter~ Kristi

on May 8, 2013

Jill My Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is a behind-the-scenes writer whose blood, sweat, and tears get attributed to another individual.  My mother ghostwrote the opening chapters of my life’s story.  She has greatly influenced my subsequent life chapters by authoring a childhood that taught me:

I must be authentic.  My mother has always traveled her highway with the windows wide open and singing at the top of her lungs.  While my friend’s mothers were out doing “normal” mother things like shopping and getting pedicures, my mother was teaching me how to compost and garden, baking cookies with honey instead of sugar, and carpooling all the neighborhood kids home in the “Burb,” our white ’85 Suburban.  My mother was making healthy snacks for the soccer team(s) she was coaching before doing so was popular.  My mom never fretted about being “the cool mom.”  Instead, she was always her jolly, entertaining, and exuberant self.  Because of her charisma, she was “the cool mom.”  My friends wanted to be around her.

I must be resilient.  My mother’s life story is one of challenges and obstacles (a post for the future), yet she never played victim.  She taught me that sometimes you must quit complaining, pull yourself up by the boot straps, and do work.     She modeled how to be intuitive, trust your gut, and go when God calls.  Most importantly, she taught me that I am not just my story of hurts and pain.  Yes, everyone has their story, but you can choose to heal and change the trajectory.

I must leave the world better than I found it.  While I was growing up, my mom had the privilege of staying at home.  She made sure there were hot bread sticks on the stove for my after school snack despite her full-time “volunteer extraordinaire” position.  She was on numerous volunteer committees, helping run several non-profit organizations, helped in all of our classrooms, and was a pillar in the community.  I grew up working alongside my mom while she was in service to others.  She instilled in me her life’s mission: make the world better in as many ways possible.

I must find my joy and have a great sense of humor.  My mother bursts with uncontrollable joy and overflows with humorous comments. (She tells me them all the time- LOL!)  She proved that quick wit can defuse most situations and there is nothing more healing for a soul than a good giggle. By nature, I am more serious and analytical, yet she reminds me to quit taking myself so seriously and to laugh more.

(Mom, I think this applies because I inherited your sense of humor…)


The depth and breadth of my life’s opening chapters has a legacy of unconditional love, encouragement, truth-telling, and wisdom that has rippled throughout my life.  I am humbled at the magnitude of my thankfulness for my mother’s sacrifice, friendship, and guidance.  I would not be the woman I am today without Jill, my ghostwriter.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  You are the woman who molded my heart, shaped my soul, and nourished my spirit.  I love you.

4 responses to “Jill, My Ghostwriter~ Kristi

  1. Tracee says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your Mom…my friend Jill! Loved it!! Happy Mother’s Day to you as well my beautiful friend.!!! ♥


  2. Shan says:

    Love love love this. And you. And your mom (AKA my office polka buddy and sharer of our own special dance moves).


    • Kristi says:


      There is another thing I have learned from my mom… how to freaking polka! And a 1-2-3, and a 1-2-3. Happy Mother’s Day to you, sweet friend.

      Love you,


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