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Moment of Mothering Brilliance~ Kristi

on May 3, 2013

As mothers, we all have them. Moments of mothering brilliance. You know, those moments where you are the less-than-perfect mother. One of my favorite blogs, Momastery.com, wrote about mothering brilliance in one of her post entitled “Just A Little Thursday Nugget” this week. She highlighted how she put the chicken nuggets in the oven instead of the microwave in the name of mothering brilliance. I found it liberating to know there is another woman out there that has these momentary gaps in mother sainthood.

As I drove home from class late last night, my daughter sleepily asks, “Mom, can you please wash my chapel uniform tonight?” I utter a “ugh,” which could easily be mistaken as a “yeah.” This morning as she slid up to me in my bed, she asked if I washed her uniform. Crap! It still rested in the nasty pit of disgustingness called the backseat. I instructed her to go out to the car, grab it, and let me “see what I could do to it.” She protested because her Pop Chips (the ones we snatched at Walgreens between our hurried errands earlier in the week) spilled all over it. As she dashed out the door, I heard myself say, “Make sure you dump all of the Pop Chip crumbs outside so you don’t get them on new carpet.”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! This mom told my daughter to dump the Pop Chip crumbs off of the unwashed chapel uniform, which laid in the grossest backseat ever, in an attempt to “see what I could do to it.” Oh, and “see what I could do to it” meant it laid on the bathroom floor while I stepped over it several times while getting ready for work this morning.

A moment of mothering brilliance!

2 responses to “Moment of Mothering Brilliance~ Kristi

  1. Kanerva says:

    Lately I seem to be having more than my fair share of such moments… 😉 makes for an interesting life sometimes!


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