Hallelujah Highway

Celebrating the Journey

Honesty~ Monique

on April 24, 2013


Weekly, I host a women’s group where a small gathering of like souls come together in order to purge, learn, and share amongst one another. This year’s theme constituting mainly around “honest communication” has brought with it an entirely new meaning to life. For years I have found myself reminding others to be honest with themselves. To get real about what they wanted or who they were as a person. Asking them to dig deep and to seek out their own truth. What I found this year was myself asking those questions in reference to my own life. In the earlier part of the year, I started under going some health concerns. The pain at times was so prolific that it kept me in bed and on pain meds. As I navigated through my own emotions awaiting results, I started to learn what it was to get very honest with oneself. Just like there are many layers to life. There is also many layers to one’s honesty. It simply comes down to how far is a person willing to take it.

For me. it was to go all the way, which transcribed into a new teaching lesson each week with my group of women. At first the lessons started simple. Look at your clothing, your homes, your materialistic items that crowd your space. Get honest with that vase given three Christmas’s ago that repulses you and has yet to be disposed of. Soon the lessons moved into relationships with others. Who in your life weighs you down, represses, or abuses you in some sort of the way? What is it you wish to say but haven’t? What are the truths versus the untruths fed to yourself by yourself? As you quiet the mind, listen to your own clear secular voice and distinguish it amongst the clutter. Lastly was a two-week assignment to live life each waking moment as though you were dying.

I cannot speak for others but I can, however, validate for myself the changes it created within my environment. For those who know me know that clothing is my weakness. It is a way of expression and a completed masterpiece when I have finished putting together an outfit for the day. As I purged my closet, out went the articles too small, too big, too difficult to get into. Out went the trendy pieces that I never was convinced I liked, the patterns that made me dizzy and the “cute” items that I felt like a little girl in. Out went others preconceived views as to who I was. In came space as I effortlessly slid the hangers back and forth on the rack. Realizing how much I had but didn’t need.

Moving on to the relationships within my life I wrote beautiful letters to all those who I loved and honored. I spoke up slowly about the things that didn’t represent me any longer. Most of all, I created a relationship with myself. I chose to go vegan after struggling with the decision after 2 years and I stay honest with myself when I can only be 80%. Some weeks only completing 50% accuracy. I became honest with what constituted as self-care: a cup of tea, solitude, a quick read. I found my “yes” becoming a more definite yes, my “no” a sturdy do not question me no, and my maybe’s becoming less and less frequent. I learned to maintain my issues around people pleasing and instead to learn what it meant to please myself. I broke through the concept of selfishness when I preconceived the end results of “what if’s” by not jumping through hoops. I mastered the art of crying as I breathed through my fears of possible abandonment by others and found that it was I abandoning myself by not being honest with me first. This year thus far has been an accelerating experience. I have proven so much to myself. I have beaten the odds that were against me and have triumphant over the hurdles that have stood before me. With strength of character, faith, and an open mind as my armor I have amazed myself. Change is possible, success is achievable, and unconditional love is always the answer. However, honesty is a gem we all posses.

The great thing about pain is that it is real. It is intense, to the point and makes itself known. There are many ways to disengage from it but eventually it will ramp up and be heard again. One’s own honesty is very much the same. Once it is given a little attention, fed and listened to, it will escalate from a yelp to a howl. The most honored trustworthy person to direct you to your truth is you. Simply why go with the flow and follow the herd when you are meant to stand out. Sometimes honoring that honest voice within will lead you to your right herd of like-minded people.

Monique Kristi met Monique in high school.  She was a sparkling soul then, but now her sparkle is blinding.  Monique is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a B.A in Psychology.  She hosts weekly Meditation Groups, Women’s Groups, Cancer Survivor Groups, Inner Child Workshops, as well as teach Yoga.   She has been involved with the American Cancer Society for the past 5 years.  She provides Hospice with Volunteer Bereavement Counseling and Respite Classes.  Monique’s blog can be found at: http://moniquesguidinglight.blogspot.com/?m=1

Thank you for challenging us to be more honest with ourselves and with the people around us, Monique.  May you be blessed!~ Kristi and Rae

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