Hallelujah Highway

Celebrating the Journey

Under Construction ~ Kristi

on March 5, 2013
Maybe you have noticed…
Maybe you haven’t…
Hallelujah Highway started out with four writers…
Now, there are two.
The facts: Jen and Dana decided to start their own blog.
Originally, the blog started out as a reflection of the wisdom found in the emails among four friends. Each brought a unique perspective and personality, and our writing and friendship mirrored this. But, life’s journey is never straight and is one of transformation. We bless our soul sisters’ new voyage and we honor that sometimes a soul sister’s journey is different than ours.
Hallelujah Highway is under construction. Rae and I made some essential changes to the blog. We have decided that the intention of the blog is to capture the wide open highways, detours, and traffic jams of life. We have decided that the blog stands for:
We are opening up the blog to the wisdom of some amazing guest contributors as the highway is not ours exclusively. We gain insight from them. We are fortified in knowing that we are not wading through the muck and mire of life alone. The bigger the community celebrating life’s victories, the bigger the par-tay! (If you are interested in contributing, please see the “Share Your Journey” tab.)
We believe that “Love is a Verb” and we intend to take action to make the world a better place. We want to try to realize that Love Revolution that Rae discussed in her New Year’s Revolution post. Our “Love is a Verb” campaigns will show up on the blog not to seek recognition, but we think wrong-doers get too much attention. We want to change that! We want to give attention to the improvement of the world.
We ask for patience through our road’s construction. There is fear and doubt. We are walking through our own fears and doubts with strength and courage. There are speed bumps. There is a tremendous learning curve with the technology of writing of a blog. There is the shuffling of time. We are balancing working full-time, motherhood, family, and writing and we are working out the time management required to balance it all. We are proceeding cautiously and doing our best. We might stumble as we are perfectly imperfect, but life’s bloopers are a part of the journey, right?
We are extremely grateful you are on the Hallelujah Highway with us. We don’t take this blog or our journey lightly and we understand the importance of community. Rae and I are honored to share our journey on this glorious Hallelujah Highway with you!

2 responses to “Under Construction ~ Kristi

  1. Tracee says:

    Keep on truckin’!


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