Hallelujah Highway

Celebrating the Journey

Friday Freakout~ Rae and Kristi

on March 1, 2013



Latest pet peeve: people blocking the whole coffee counter at the gas station. You do not have to stand directly in front of the sugar and creamer for it to go into your coffee!!! Make some room, people!

Strep Throat visited us this week.  Strep Throat can go to Hades.

I was able to drop in on Montclair High School this Tuesday to observe some classes. I was supposed to just watch…. That lasted about 20 minutes; I ended up talking about writing with a few students. Sigh- once an English teacher always an English teacher.

Thought for the week- When in doubt, just add GLITTER!



I had my final walk through on my new home this week.  Exhale!  It felt like home!  But, the one place that made it “Home, Sweet, Home”… the kitchen.  I LOVE my kitchen!  But, for the neighbor’s sake, the blind next to my shower and bathtub that was not installed NEEDS to be.  Just saying!

The themes of the week are: penguins (random, I know) and God is in the details (a reminder for me).

Three weeks until Spring Break!

I have no thoughts for the week!  I am too tired!  I am ready for the weekend.

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