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Why We Need Stupid Valentine’s Day ~ Rae

on February 13, 2013

Tomorrow is yet another Valentine’s Day. According to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year. That’s a whole lot of love and stamps. I sometimes wonder why billions of people would celebrate such a trite occasion.

The historical background of St. Valentine is at best a little murky. It is touted as a pagan fertility celebration taken over by the Christians and/or a celebration of a Catholic priest named Valentine who married couples against royal decree.  Americans, for the most part, are supporters of both sexual and marriage freedom. However, overtime the day has lost its historical and religious significance and become somewhat cheesy and overrated.

Valentine’s Day seems like just another economic conspiracy by Hallmark, Helzberg, and See’s Candy to make money off us poor shmucks who feel like we have to PROVE our commitment with expensive gifts. Furthermore, if you happen to be single, then the day of Valentine’s is a painful reminder of how alone you feel. I bet many people would be pleased to take it off the calendar all together.

Nonetheless, I think we need this holiday. We need a day where we FOCUS on the person we adore and we pay special attention to him/her.  Granted we should be doing this on a regular basis, but life gets busy. Adults have work, community service, hobbies and chores; kids have homework, activities, and play dates. Time has become the rarest of commodities.  So having a day to compel our attention towards a loved one is necessary.  We should try to make our spouses feel extra special more often than once a year but at least this day can serve as a catalyst. Every woman I know enjoys receiving flowers and every man I have ever heard of enjoys receiving tenderness from his woman.  Relationships are often made or broken by this holiday.

I remember fondly the Valentine’s Day celebrations from my grade school days. We transformed cereal boxes into magical personalized mailboxes to receive sweet sappy cards from our classmates. We bedecked the classroom in pink and red, and held parties full of sugary delight. The highlight of the day was that I received a small card or token from each and every classmate. I remember the teacher insisted that we always bring one for everybody, so no one would get left out. I delightedly received the gift of camaraderie from 30+ peers. On those days love and friendship abounded and the tummy ache at the end was so worth it!

We need that enchantment again in our adult lives. We should make a point to celebrate and commemorate our feelings and not only to our mates, but to all the important people in our lives. Why is it so wrong to tell a friend that you treasure her?  Why is it we only associate love with dating or marriage? Aren’t there various types and degrees of love? We need to show fondness and caring to all those people who affect our lives. We need to reach out and give a hug to a friend that we haven’t spent time with recently. We need to call that family member we have neglected. We need to thank the people we work with for their dedication, support and help. Now you may end up getting some funny looks if you passed out actual Valentine’s Day cards to your co-workers (or even potentially a sexual harassment complaint- yikes!), but no one would mind if you smiled at them or gave them assistance in some way. If you held the door open for someone or compliment their work, think of the joy you would be spreading. Kindness is an obvious outward display of affection.  Why not make it a point on this Valentine’s Day to be thoughtful and compassionate to every one you come across, even those who annoy you?  Couldn’t we, for one day, put aside petty differences, and instead radiate friendship and fondness? Why does that seem so foreign to us? 

It is because the concept of loving our neighbors seems so bizarre that we NEED this holiday. That is also why we need a love revolution. We need to be reminded that love is a verb and  by demonstrating it we can cause it to be multiplied exponentially.

So I bought my husband something corny and wrote him a mushy poem (shush- don’t tell him!). I made my daughters buckets of love (cute heart shaped buckets filled with goodies) and helped them with the cards for their classmates. I will even make cupcakes for after dinner. 

Hmmmm- I am seriously considering handing out Valentine’s Cards at work. I have some left from my daughters’ stash that say, “You’re a great friend!” I think it will go over well.  

My work already knows I am a little crazy…..

PS Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Thank you for all you do and for supporting this blog. XOXO


6 responses to “Why We Need Stupid Valentine’s Day ~ Rae

  1. Janice Earhart mclellan says:

    I love your blog I related to everything and part you wrote put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. I am alone don’t have a valentine so I relate to that part also. Thanks for sharing this with me


  2. Stacy Dedeaux says:

    Good reminder Rae. My new motto, “love is a verb.” I will remind myself to “show” my love on a daily basis.


  3. Thank you Stacy. Don’t we always say that to our students when we try to counsel them on their writing – show don’t tell- I need to remember this myself too.


  4. Kanerva says:

    Thanks for the visit and the like. Here in Finland the 14th isn’t Valentines Day, instead roughly translates as Friends Day. Takes a lot of the ‘pressure’ off 😉


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