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Today I Wear Pink ~ Rae

on January 23, 2013

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Today I am wearing pink.

That in and of itself is not an unusual occurrence but today my daughter asked me to. Today is special for my daughter. She wants me to wear pink in memory of her friend, Haven.

Haven died Friday night in a horrible car accident. She was 13 years old. Her best friend’s grandmother also passed and the best friend is in critical condition. The senseless crash is made even more reprehensible because it was caused by a drunk driver.

WTH, people. Thirteen years old and gone.

I didn’t know this little girl but she attended the same elementary school as my daughters. So I have probably watched her joyously play on the playground many times. I looked up her picture in the school yearbook and the sweetest brown eyes stared up off the page with charisma and delight. She glowed with the assuredness of a happy childhood and the belief that endless possibilities await her. Damn.

I drove by her middle school this morning on my way to work. Same middle school I myself attended. I can picture those halls where I once roamed and can visualize her there. I imagine her there last Friday laughing with friends, giggling about boys and groaning over homework. Today she won’t be there. What does one say to her classmates about this? What can anyone tell them that will make them understand and not be in pain or fear? As an educator myself, I imagine how tough today is going to be for faculty and students both. It’s a Christian school so I know they will be praying, but I also envision many of them shouting to God, “Why!?”

What can be said to her parents? There is no explanation that will ever make sense for them. If even one person comes up to them right now and says, “Everything happens for a reason” I hope that person gets slapped. No words can be of comfort to her parents. They wake up this morning and every morning for the rest of their lives with a hole in their hearts. They go into her room and stare at the belongings that just wait for her return. Her little brother is much too young to fully comprehend the implications of this event. His sister is just simply gone from him.

Damn again.

I think in cases like this there should be no court case for the drunk driver. His blood alcohol was tested so we already know he was wasted. And now he has wasted little Haven’s life. No prom for her—so no freedom for him. No wedding for her—so no freedom for him. Heck, my blood is boiling so much right now that I really want to know what possible purpose this cretin has to remain on this planet. This tragedy is made so much worse by the fact that it was entirely avoidable. In this day and age who does not know the dangers of drinking and driving?

It is not her that I agonize about now; it is those left behind having to deal with her loss. What can I say to my daughter who wants me to wear pink today because that was Haven’s favorite color? The only thing I can do right now is put on a bright pink shirt.

According to www.dictionary.com, haven means, “a place of safety or refuge, a sanctuary”. That is truly what was taken from her family and friends. Today, they do not feel safe. Today, they do not have refuge. Today, their “sanctuary” is quite literally in Heaven.

Rest in peace Haven, and I pray for those left behind to grieve.

Today I wear pink.

3 responses to “Today I Wear Pink ~ Rae

  1. There are no words to comfort, only time will mend these broken hearts…..


  2. […] December, America had the Sandy Hook massacre; in January, two little girls from my daughter’s school died because of a drunk driver; now, the Boston bombing has devastated a nation. I am sure I am not alone when I shriek, “I have […]


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