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Zen Mami Files: Selah! Be Still and Know God ~ Kristi

on November 23, 2012

This Zen Mami File post is inspired by my love affair with yoga.  I have done yoga for over fifteen years and I have been a certified instructor for over ten years.  My physical practice and the sacred space created in meditation has changed the way I navigate the world.  I would like to share my some of my lessons from yoga and meditation in posts called the “Zen Mami Files”.

This is not an introduction piece to yoga or the “Zen Mami Files.”  It is an example of the guided meditations I would use to open my yoga classes filled with experienced yoginis.  I know not all of you have experienced a yoga class or a guided meditation and this may seem foreign.  My hope is that after reading some more “Zen Mami File” posts, that will no longer be true.  I also know there are other readers who know meditation very well.  It doesn’t matter what category you fall into.  Please take what works for you and leave the rest behind.

Let me share just a few fundamentals about meditation:

–          Meditation is simply turning off the mind chatter and opening your mind up to space…to nothingness… This is extremely difficult to do in the very beginning, but after a while, you will notice that erasing the thoughts that pop into your mind is easier and easier to do. 

–          I use the breath as focus point in meditation.  We naturally use the breath to calm ourselves.  For example, when we are stressed or very angry, we take deep breaths to calm down.  The same principle applies in meditation.  Focusing on the breath in meditation calms the mind and releases tension in the body.  If you practice meditation on a consistent basis, you will find that your mind, body, and soul have greater peace and clarity. 

–          Meditation can be a sacred time of fellowship between you and God.  Meditation is similar to prayer.  Praying involves asking and talking—it is about you asking God for your heart’s desires and talking to him about your concerns.  Meditation is the act of listening.  As you turn off the mind and focus on your breath, you create space to listen for the whispers of God.  It is magical.

May you take a few deep breaths.  May you ask your mind to quit analyzing everything and allow yourself to just sit in this present moment.  May you read this guided meditation and be willing to experience it.  May it bless you and center you in a deeper and more intimate understanding of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Meditation Inspiration:

“Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.” Psalms 62:8

Guided Meditation:

Begin to breathe and let the breath bring you into this present moment.  Let go of the past for it is already done.  Let go of the future for you have no control.  Allow yourself to just be right here, right now.  Feel the inhale enter your body; feel the exhale leave your body.  Listen to the sounds of the inhale; listen to the sounds of the exhale.

Feel your rib cage expand and contract with each of the breaths.  On the inhales, experience the blessings, bounty, and nourishment as your body naturally takes what it needs to flourish.  On the exhales, release all that is no longer serving you and your body.  Be willing to open up to receive the gifts of the inhale.  Then, make a choice to let go—to release that which no longer serves you in this present moment.

Let all extraneous thoughts, feelings, and urges drain from your mind.  Allow yourself to come to a space of quietness and stillness—a place where you are in perfect alignment with the Divine.  Then, let God wrap you in a cloak of unconditional love.  Drink the love in.  Sit in this grace-filled space for as long as you need and let God’s love envelope you.

Then allow yourself to float over your life.  Experience your life as if you were an outside observer looking down upon it for the first time with no emotional attachment– just observing.  You may find areas of great joy; you may find areas of great sorrow.  You may find areas of tremendous abundance and success; you may find areas of desolation and despair.  Allow yourself to see all of your life for what it is for this is the life that has been bestowed upon you to cherish and keep holy.

If it feels right to you, begin to sprinkle gratitude dust over the life before you.  Like snow, let every aspect of your life be touched by the gratitude dust.  Let it be blanketed in thanksgiving as everything in your life is playing an intricate role in your evolution and growth.  Every joy and sorrow…all abundance and success…the desolation and despair…every bit is molding a part of your being.  Are you willing to allow all of your life to be blessed by power of gratitude?  Are you willing to surrender all of your life to God as an offering of thanksgiving?   Are you willing to allow all of your life to be infused with unconditional love that gratitude and thanksgiving usher in?

Welcome in the divine gift of Selah—be still and know God.  Be still and bask in the stillness.  Be still and enjoy God’s refuge.  Be still and see how God has never forsaken you.  Sprinkle all with gratitude dust.  Then, fill the areas of your life that are still works in progress with blessing and love.  Selah!

Then, if it feels right for you, begin to expand your gratitude, thanksgiving, and blessings to all of the people around you.  Hold every person you hold dear in a moment of thanksgiving and prayer.  Bless them; ask for their highest and best good; and infuse them with love.  Then, move to the people who pose the greatest challenge or who have hurt you—hold  them in a moment of thanksgiving and prayer.  Bless them; ask for their highest and best good; and infuse them with love.

As we end, may we embrace the opportunity to experience gratitude, thanksgiving, and Selah every day.  May we continue to be still and know God—amongst the family and friends, the upcoming hustle and bustle of the holidays, the food, the laughing and giggling, and anguish that holidays may escort in.  May we remain in gratitude, be full of thanksgiving, and continue to bless with our grateful presence.

And so it is.  Amen!

I am so grateful to have shared this guided meditation with you.  It was a blessing and you are a blessing to me.  May the Divine in me bow and salute to the Divine in you.  Namaste!   

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