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My First Miracle ~ Kristi

on October 4, 2012

Let me set the scene for you:  It was a hot, bright, sunny day.  We are talking the kind of summer day where the sun rays were in high intensity and there were little to no clouds in the sky, except for a wispy cloud here or there.  While my daughter and I were blessed with another gorgeous day, the heat was oppressively sweltering.

My daughter and I were driving to a potluck at Rae’s house.  As we were driving in the hotter-than-Hades, sunny weather, my mini-me screamed, “Rainbow!  Mom, do you see it?  Rainbow!”  She was pointing out her window on the passenger’s side.  I craned my neck around to see it, but I couldn’t.  Shamefully, I admit that I doubted her and her “rainbow-spotting-capabilities” on a sunny, hot, almost cloudless summer day.  A rainbow on this kind of day was crazy talk!  She moaned with sheer disappointment as it faded.  My daughter, in her infinite spiritual wisdom, sighed and stated, “Rainbows are God’s delights.”  I affirmed the statement and honored the truth from my six year old’s mouth.

Then, my daughter said, “I am going to pray for another rainbow.  The universe listens to our words.”  I, the cynical grown-up, thought, “Yeah, right!  If you saw a rainbow on this bright, sunny day, you are lucky enough.  There is no chance of seeing another one.”  Three minutes later my daughter spotted another rainbow; this time it was out my car window.  Yes, blessed reader, there was a rainbow high in the blue sky!  I was in complete awe.  My daughter’s prayer had been answered.  My daughter was elated and screamed, “That’s my first miracle!  That’s my first miracle!”  It truly was the first miracle intended specifically for her (and me).  It was the first time that she had hardcore evidence that God listens and provides.

God showed up BIG in her (and my) life that day and that day has forever imprinted on her as she now knows the power of her prayers and spoken word.  From that point on, I have caught her asking for more miracles.  For example:

On the way home from Rae’s potluck, she prayed that her loose tooth would fall out while she slept.  Again, being the Doubting Thomas I am, I thought, “Yeah, right!”  This time, my cynicism was more evil because I voiced my doubt to her.  At dinner, she was eating her broccoli and her tooth literally fell out!  It happened again!  God listened and provided for her and shame on me for doubting.

It happened last weekend.  My daughter and I were meeting my best friend and her family in the local mountains to go hiking.  My best friend and her husband were lost.  Our cell phones had no service.  The trail head was tucked back in the woods off of a dirt road.  My daughter and I had waited and waited- for hours we waited.  We drove out to the main road to look for my best friend’s family with no avail.  It was getting late.  In frustration, I decided that if we didn’t find them on this last trip out to the main road, we were going home.  All I heard in the backseat was, “God, I need a miracle.  Please let them be there.  Please let them be there.  Please let them be there.”  Sure enough, as I drove around the bend on the dirt road, there was their little silver car.  With a shriek of delight, I heard my daughter thank God for another miracle.

God has blessed me with numerous miracles in my life.  The Dr. Wayne Dyer quote posted at the top of this post has become one of my life’s mottos.  Why not expect miracles?  Why not recognize that miracles are random acts of universal kindness and love sent to a person as a hug or kiss on the forehead from our Heavenly Father?  I am blessed by my daughter learning at six years old to expect and accept miracles.

Nothing makes me fall more in love with my Heavenly Father than seeing Him reveal himself to my daughter’s life in miraculous ways.  When He does, it is like a double shot of a magical elixir called “Heaven on Earth.”  His miracles show me that my daughter and I are significant to Him.  For goodness sake, she and I are special enough for all the mechanisms in the Universe to align in a way that formulates a miracle.  Miracles, big or small or round or square or fragrant or unscented, are like a personalized love letter from God.   This axiom reminds me that my limited, egotistical, control-freakish ways are no match for His power.  For this, I am so humble.  I am so grateful.  And yet, I rejoice, celebrate, and bask in the miracles of my daughter’s and my life.

(Feel free to share a miracle you have seen or experienced personally in the comments below.  Let’s us, the Hallelujah Soul Sisters, and all who are on this Hallelujah Highway, rejoice in your miracle with a “Hallelujah!” or “Amen!”)

Hallelujah for answered prayers and awe-inspiring miracles in all shapes and sizes and colors and flavors!

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