Hallelujah Highway

Celebrating the Journey

Meet Kristi

on September 4, 2012

Dearest Reader,

This blog is about establishing a sacred space for my soul sisters and I to explore, dance, frolic in joy, and/or dabble in the miseries of life.  It is a safe space to reflect upon, mull over, and bless all that is present in our lives: our connection to God, the almighty Creator; our cherished roles as mothers, daughters, and sisters; our intimate relationships with ourselves and with our mates; and/or just ruminate upon the miracles and tragedies of life.

I am a single mother of a young girl in my early thirties.  I am a high school English teacher and that is where I met my soul sisters.  After a few years, I would find myself pouring my soul out to these women in hopes gaining greater meaning, clarity, and insight.  Like a quilt, my life is stitched together by their wisdom, encouragement, and support as I work towards finding balance in my life amongst my careers, motherhood, taking care of myself, and nourishing the abundant relationships I have.

My spiritual side is the main artery of my identity for it is the lens in which I view the world and the experiences of my life.  I try to understand the lessons in the blessings and hardships, see God in all people and things, and find gratitude for all of it.   I am less attached to a religious doctrine and more aligned to the universal principles that govern most, if not all, world religions.

Through this blog, my intention is to be open and honest, to show you my light and my darkness, and to stand there and be a mirror for feelings and stirrings that you, my blessed readers, may have in hopes of creating a virtual community where reflection is golden, writing is a form of pray, and sisterhood is sacred.  I invite you to walk alongside us, arm-in-arm, on this “Hallelujah Highway” as we experience this journey called life.

I let this be.  And, so it is!

Much love and light,


One response to “Meet Kristi

  1. Terri furlow says:

    Nice job Kristi. Look forward to hearing from you again and again. Terri Furlow


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